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About Us

Welcome to Tots & Moms!

Our Story

Tots and Moms began when I faced the challenge of caring for my preemie child, requiring special attention to her growth and well-being. Unsatisfied with the sugar and chemical-filled baby food from commercial brands, I turned to traditional Indian recipes to prepare wholesome meals for her. Encouraged by a friend, I started sharing these homemade products on Social Media, realizing that many parents were facing similar struggles. This motivated me to create a brand that offers certified chemical-free, locally sourced, and authentic Indian recipes for Baby, Kids & Moms food.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to revive ancient, time-tested recipes and promote the use of indigenous ingredients, with the ultimate goal of regaining our lost health and well-being. We prioritize nutrition, using high-quality, organic ingredients, and providing educational content to parents.

Our Mission 
Our mission is to shape a generation that embraces healthy eating effortlessly, ensuring the well-being of children.

- A parent as you