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Each food is a concern while introducing to babies and non-vegetarian food tops the chart. In this video we shall talk about Benefits of Non Vegetarian Foods to babies, When to introduce Non Vegetarian Foods to babies, things to consider and different ways to offer Non Vegetarian food to babies.

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Benefits of Non Vegetarian Foods to babies

Each meat has its own health benefits and hence here we shall include the wider benefits.

1. Rich in Protein and Vitamin B

2. Helps in healthy weight gain.

3. Good for eyes, bones and muscle gain

4. Keeps them full and energized for a longer period.

5. If it is in the babies genes then babies will easily adapt

Things to consider while offering Non Vegetarian Foods to babies

1. Start at 7 months and start with smaller quantities

2. Home cooked is the best and ensure it is not undercooked or overcooked.

3. Buy fresh meat and cook fresh, do not use stored meat if you are unsure of storage methods.

4. Never offer preservative filled Sausages, salami or ham to very young babies.

5. In the initial days ensure to offer it in the morning or for lunch and observe for any reactions.

6. Add proper amount of Indian spices like pepper, cumin etc to ease the digestion process and remember to use oil in moderation.

7. Do not force feed but offer after few days if the child rejects.

8. Non vegetarian foods are heavy and hence ensure to offer in moderate quantity.

9. Boys can’t digest heavy food till a year is a myth, do not worry.

10. If your family is a non-vegetarian and it is in your genes, then there is no need to worry about introducing non vegetarian foods to babies.

11. Keep a watch while introducing certain types of fish and other meats which may act as allergens.

12. Ensure to include fiber rich foods like fruits and vegetables in his daily diet while offering non veg food.

13. Quantity shall vary from baby to baby as it varies for us and also remember one doesn’t eat non veg food 24/7 or 365 days, hence as you have it occasionally your baby can have it too.

14. Ensure to buy local, farm grown and certified meat only.

15. Start with egg, fish and then chicken moving to red meat and others later

How to feed Non Vegetarian Foods to babies?

1. Use the broth to mix with their foods.

2. Offer in the form of purees

3. Mash and offer when they are able to chew it around 8 months

4. Finger foods when they can pick it up and eat themselves

5. With reduced spices and no salt all family cooked non vegetarian foods can be offered

Video: Can I give my baby Non-Vegetarian Foods? Fish, Meat, Poultry – How to offer & quantity?


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