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Many parents follow gentle parenting but few of them still stick to scaring babies. This article helps you to know the impact of scaring kids.

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1. Make them eat – eat this or the devil will come

2. Make them sleep – sleep now or I will kick you

3 Make them finish their homework – Or I will call uncle

4. Discipline them in public – I will not get you ice cream if you act like this

Children need to be scared of general things like falling off, heat, traffic. Too much fear and too little fear both can be dangerous. So you must understand that fear of facts is important but scaring them to discipline etc isn’t a good thing.

Impact of Scaring

1. Lack of Self Confidence – Unnecessary fear in the mind can hamper their development. They will not approach people; they will always fear losing, and many other personality traits. Change your words – Don’t go there you will fall – Be careful while you climb the stairs.

2. Insecurity – When a child or baby gets scared frequently it will cause emotional insecurity even in presence of parents. It can lead to depression and anxiety. So talk positively to your child. Change your words – Why are you so scared to go there? – Let me come along with you.

3. Long-term Fear – My father used to scold all of us in case a glass, a plate fell making a sound. To date, I fear falling off any plate, and gives me chills. Yes, it is a small thing but when done at such young age the fear sticks for life. For petty things like homework when we bring in fear of the teacher, principal kids will not like to go to school as well. Change your words – I will tell your teacher if you do not do your homework – Please finish your homework so that you can give it to your madam along with your friends, or your madam will be happy.

4. Separation Anxiety – Our kids trust us blindly as we are the world for them. We shouldn’t be breaking their trust at this young age. Change your words – Instead of saying we will leave you and go if you do not have your food – Have your food so that we go to the temple soon.

Stand for your child. Parenting is so vast that it doesn’t limit our job in their presence.

1. If your child goes to school and is told by her teacher that she will be taken to the principal in case she doesn’t finish her work – Please speak to her teacher

2. If your child’s neighbor scares her for the devil or some stranger while playing – Talk to her and her parents

3 If your mother scares her to eat the food completely if not gumma will take her – Explain this to your mother

Let’s strive for a better generation.

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