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In many of my videos, I keep informing that you need not give cow’s milk to a baby till a year and then the regular questioning follows in comments. In this video, I shall let you know the reasons in detail and how much to offer at what age.

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Few must know about COW’S MILK                                                    

1. India was never a milk-oriented country. Even Lord Krishna used to like butter, not milk. Milk products like ghee, butter, curd, buttermilk were predominantly used in India. Our elders knew that our body couldn’t digest cow’s milk and hence they followed fermentation and other methods to use it.

2. “Operation flood” during 1970, the brand Amul and its founder Verghese Kurian with his amazing marketing skills made the milk mania widespread in India. We were producing 100 ml milk per person in India and now we produce over 330 ml of milk per person. The world average is only 220 ml. Hence milk and milk products which were a luxury they are now easily available and the current marketing adds on to make it a must for all.

3. Cow’s milk contains 2 times the protein present in human milk, as calves grow quickly they need it. Human babies need more fat than protein for their healthy development and good function of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

4. Excess intake of milk causes constipation and digestion issues. This is a liquid which fills a smaller stomach and hence later you complain about low appetite. Too much calcium can hinder iron absorption and hence we see a lot of Indian kids suffering from Iron deficiency.

COW’S MILK age-wise

1. Baby – Babies cannot digest the complex protein in cow’s milk and when replaced with breastmilk or formula milk babies develop Iron Deficiency or Anemia. It has triggered allergies in many babies too. It can be used in little quantity as an ingredient to cook their porridge though.

2. Toddler – After 1 year you can slowly introduce cow’s milk to your toddlers. If your child is taking breastfeed then there is no need to introduce it, even if your baby was taking formula earlier it is not mandatory to switch to cow’s milk later but stopping formula is important by a year. Offer cows milk in sippy cups and never in bottles. At this age, your growing toddler needs more energy so if you intend to give cow’s milk please offer full-fat milk only. Essential fatty acids are also important in brain and nervous system development. Do not offer more than a cup i.e. 200 ml in the whole day for a toddler.

3. Kids – Till 5 years our body produces the enzyme called lactase which is needed to digest Lactose which is in breastmilk and cow’s milk too. And till this age, our ancestors used to breastfeed too and now you know the connection. So if your child isn’t happy drinking milk on a regular basis do not insist. Never offer more than 300 ml for your child.

What are the best Drink Mixes for my child?

Commercially available store-bought drink mixes are laden with sugar and chemicals. Do not miss to check the label and you shall find regular ingredients – milk solids, added flavors, sugar/sucrose, vegetable oil & emulsifiers along with lots of preservatives.

Our elders used to make homemade Ganji which are yet ideal for our kids. If you cannot provide time for it makes or buys homemade drink mixes which can be just mixed in milk and served like any other commercial drink.

Remember to never put milk with any powders in bottles as it can be a major health concern in babies or kids.

Our TOTS AND MOMS food store has a range of drink mixes which can be mixed with milk and offered. All our drink mixes are chemical-free, natural which kids love and relish! Check out the varieties here.

Few pointers

1. Cow’s milk, buffalo milk, goat milk, donkey milk are all the same.

2. Our babies need Human Milk for a certain year and later there must be no force of anything. If your child doesn’t like milk then offer them calcium-rich vegetables and dairy products.

3. Never send your child to school with a glass of milk. He definitely needs solids.

4. Don’t fall into the trap of organic milk, a2 milk as milk is milk…

Video: All you need to know about Cow’s Milk

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