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Spinach is an amazing source of Calcium and the most popular green herb available in the World. Spinach is truly a wonderful green leafy herb that contains panacea of nutrients. Its considered to be a blessed champion among the herbs that’s highly recommended for introducing 8 months+ babies ideally.

Yet again it’s a big question as to how we can introduce Spinach in baby daily nutritious diet. Mamma’s at your rescue we are bringing to you healthy, rich in nutrition; travel friendly Instant Spinach Poha for Babies and Toddlers.

SPINACH POHA for Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Family Travel friendly Spinach Poha for babies and toddlers

Parents let’s quickly get knowledgeable about the uses and benefits and importance of Spinach in a Baby and Toddlers diet.

Importance or Goodness of Spinach

  • Spinach is addressed as the ‘King of Herbs’ because of its Vitamins rich content and Minerals that’s typically ideal for a baby’s growth.
  • Spinach is ideally a good source of nutrition and a total package for baby health.
  • Natural laxative and keeps the digestive system clean and at ease

How to make SPINACH POHA for Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Family


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Spinach Poha for Babies and Toddlers

Yet again it’s meal time mamma’s. Running out of recipes for your babies? Are you travelling with your baby? Well the big question always raises what to pack for meal time? Always at your rescue as always, bringing to you healthy, rich in nutrition; travel friendly Instant Spinach Poha for Babies.

Author:Kavitha Prashanth
Recipe Type: Breakfast, evening snacks, dinner


  • Spinach – 10 -15 leaves
  • Thin Poha – 2 tbsp
  • Ghee – 1 tsp
  • Cumin seeds – Pinch
  • Turmeric – Pinch
  • Asafoetida – Little


  • Thin Poha - 2 tbsp is washed and soaked in water to soften. Now the ingredients are kept ready to use. To start with  we add Ghee - 1 tsp to a heated non-stick pan. Once the ghee starts to heat up add a pinch of Cumin seeds. Mix it well and immediately add Spinach leaves about 10 - 15 leaves  washed and chopped. Allow the Spinach to cook well and blend with the Ghee and Cumin Seeds flavor.
  • Add a pinch of Turmeric and a pinch of Asafoetida to the pan and mix well. To this heated and well cooked Spinach mixture add the previously soaked  Thin Poha along with its Water. Allow the ingredients to cook and blend by closing the pan lid.
  • Once its cooked well give a quick stir and serve it hot.
  • Hot and tasty green full nutrients rich Spinach Poha for Babies and Toddlers is ready to eat.


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SPINACH POHA for Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Family

Health benefits of Spinach

  • Spinach can be introduced to baby’s diet when they turn 8+ months.
  • High amount of Calcium present helps in bone development. 1 cup of cooked spinach gives 42 mg of Calcium.
  • Helps in production of Hemoglobin and Potassium helping in Brain development.

Benefits of Poha

  • Easily Digestible
  • Provides good energy
  • Rich in Calcium
  • Rich in Carbohydrates
  • Low gluten level

Benefits of Instant Spinach Poha for Babies

  • Travel friendly
  • Easy to prepare
  • Tasty and provides energy instantly
  • Initiating self feeding while handling spoon

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