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Parents feel to seek simple effective methods to help their child feel relaxed, free of anxiety and stress that’s prevailing in the younger generations now. For bringing about this impactful positive change in their behavior, lets know about “What is Sleep Talk Therapy?”. A 5 minutes magic as parents rightly say, show excellent results as first hand experience by parents who give to their baby, toddlers and kids as well for correcting a behavior that’s not right. We feel privileged to introduce this topic and share our experience and research to the readers. This will motivate parents to self experience the benefit by giving Sleep Talk Therapy to their little ones.

Sleep talk therapy script

We all know that Brain is a powerful working organ 24/7 that’s is considering the resting time as well. It’s always on the run. By giving Sleep Talk Therapy to babies and toddlers it will trigger them to accept these pre scripted positive instructions and statement to feed the Brain during the sleep state. With this conceptual theraly we see the Brain receives and accept positive information in a faster ratio, as the inquisitive and questioning mind is at rest, only listening and accepting is the action process involved. Raising questions like why like this mamma or dada! doesn’t come into picture.  The inquisitiveness of more if’s and but’s wouldn’t come as an objection and hamper the thought process of the baby during the initial sleep.

It’s as simple as a mother narrating rhymes to her little one, “Jonny Jonny yes papa.” Even if the facts are made clear about sugar causing cavity the toddlers choose to negate the situation and still cry for sugar. It’s very easy to negate a positive feeling and action.

Sleep talk therapy for kids

But that’s not the case during deep sleep; when parents tell and share their positive feelings of Love they have to the child and how to exhibit the positive manners with other and how special the child is to the family, how much they means to the parents, that information and statement is accepted right away and registered at once. This specific time of sleep state triggers to changes ones behavior and sure shot proves its strength on the child behavior.

Where all can we effectively use Sleep Talk ?

Some of the challenging situations parents are constantly facing and trying to ease their children through these daily tasks. With this I definitely know, you all feel enthralled  for a new way of Parenting to mold toddlers and growing children to teens to become in a positive path of action and focus. Many parents have shared and experienced this positive behavior in their children by repeating the statements and messages to their young ones.

Few have tried Sleep Talk Therapy on their patients for building confidence and will power to recover thoroughly. This is because both children and adults are most receptive to such messages in a calm mind of initial sleep before the dream state. We need to be prepared with special pre prepared script messages and statements to convey their love and keep up the pride in one’s children and self. Being parents we can gauge and convey specific statements and feeling that comforts and encouraging the child’s situation and other communicative issues. Sleep Talk Therapy is a valuable connecting tool for parents to go about a structured growth for the child and plan ahead. Sleep Talk Therapy offers abundance of rewards for everyone be it a child with issues or a normal child.

Sleep talk exapmles

Benefits of using the Sleep Talk process:

  • Increasing confidence
  • Getting awareness and feel the trust of being loved
  • To establish the mind path for reaching goal
  • Building potential
  • Good health and inner well being
  • Improving ones behavior
  • Understanding and co-operative behavior
  • Calm, composed and happier being
  • Taking part in extra-curricular activities
  • Improvising on concentration and mind focus
  • Building relationships
  • Handling peer pressure and peer bullying
  • ADHD
  • Speech development
  • Improved and open communication
  • Harmonious self from within
  • Siblings Love and relation
  • Concept of sharing
  • Anxiety, stress and Fears
  • Shyness and introverts
  • Bedwetting and Toilet training
  • Lack of confidence
  • Separation anxiety
  • For eating and chewing properly
  • Nail Biting and Sleep issues
  • Thumb sucking

SleepTalk Therapy in reality helps the giver, listener and the receiver; they internally feel an enhanced flow of positive feeling, inner confidence and self esteem. An unique and impactful tool for parenting to utilize and ease a child’s unknowing and knowing issues for the right establishment.

Benefits of sleep talk

Let’s right away pour our child with this mindful researched way of impacting a relevant power filled statements for the kids betterment. We as parents can definitely dedicate our 10 to 15 minutes of time on a daily basis during the child’s sleeping time to increase the inner positivity and strength. These growing wonders are getting ready to change the World around for them to handle and deal anything and everything to come.

Whatever may the issue kids are facing, when it comes to them its to be quickly looked upon at a initial stage to resolve and release. May it be stress or anxiety, social, emotional and behavioral issues, academics, physical activities, learning difficulties, it is by default stressing the kids, and in return all the people coming into the picture be it parents, teachers, friends and overall the whole family including the kid. The kid’s self esteem is looked down upon and they feel personally discouraged. Immediate strengthening has to be done by giving Sleep Talk Therapy and also at that immediate situation before the feelings are built up.

Sleep talk a 2 minute magic for discipline

Parents have seen results with this Sleep Talk and call this a 10 minute MAGIC. A life time investment in behavior and confidence from within for a happy, calm and composed child co operating in all situations and stay makes one relax!

Steps to Follow

  • Plan and spend a minimum of 5 minutes every night diligently with your child. Just as they are asleep, start with a soft approach, gently whisper the child name as they know we are directing the talk to them.
  • To begin with express your love to them, express what the child means to you and your life. Make them feel secured about your love and feelings.
  • Now to positively continue the Sleep Talk repeat the affirmative in their ears softly this will be accepted and grasped to their subconscious mind that acts like a sponge
  • Repeat their name twice or thrice to gain their attention during Sleep Talk, so they know it’s being directed to them.
  • Affirmations that we repeat should include positive words and actions. To change a behavior that you noticed your child does and you want them to change. And what behavior and actions you want them to do more off.

Sleep talk therapy for technique

  • Choose the right affirmation and words addressing the change or correction you want them to show.
  • Repeat it on a daily basis every night for a minimum of 4 weeks. As we consider 21 days an auspicious number to register to their thought process to accept and for the parents to make it a routine for every night to come.
  • Sleep Talk Therapy is a repeat action and the parents should not stop as soon as they experience a change in a week or two. As we all know it’s the focus on the long term. Progress the Sleep Talk Therapy tradition every night to begin and days to end. This can be given by any of the Parents, mother or father the most trust worthy source for delivering these at the sensitive sleep state.
  • Usage of positive sentences and actions is the key for bringing the change and avoiding negative words. For example, if you want your child to share his toys with his friends we should say “Arjun always shares his toys with his friends.” and not “Arjun does not snatch his toys when he plays with his friends.

Building self esteem for kids

As we all know the child is a new slate in the first three years of life, what they see and listen is sponged in their minds. So let’s add in a right positive future to mirror the childhood with a great reflection in the years to come.

This tradition will assist a child to be happy from within, establishing an enhanced self-esteem and image and resolves ones childhood difficulties. So never neglect the inner emotions that are stacked in the child, tackle it early and release the hidden feelings for positive child to grow with open and realistic feelings.

This simple Sleep Talk Therapy is nothing but to give a strong feeling and a foundation for the beliefs in the subconscious mind that creates self-esteem and love for themselves and the family around them.

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