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We are here talking about post-delivery sex, and one must remember sex after birth needs some time and effort. In India, it is taboo to talk about sex, let alone postpartum sex. There are plenty of narrations that advise not to have sex post-delivery and are mostly to ensure there is no pregnancy immediately. This ideally is advised as the mother is fertile even while breastfeeding, it is good for the mother’s health and recovery, gives time for the current child care, lesser mental stress, and few other advantages.

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Here are few myths attached to sex post-delivery in India:

• Baby will become thin if parents have sex

Breast milk will turn bitter  

• One shall go through hormonal imbalance

and hence, husbands are not allowed to stay with new moms when woman stay at parent’s house generally during the childbirth in India.

However, we all know that sex is not just for childbirth or pleasure but helps create and continue a good bond with one’s partner. This article will help you understand when is it safe to have sex post-delivery, what are precautions one can take, how to make yourself and your partner comfortable with your new body, and few other helpful tips.

When is it safe to have sex post-delivery?

Health Professionals say there is no set time on when a woman can start having sex post-delivery, but they advise you to wait for 6 weeks in any form of delivery you had. If it was a vaginal delivery, your vagina is still healing from being stretched, or the tear and if it was a C-Section, your incision takes time to heal. You will also have to wait until you stop bleeding to avoid any vaginal infections. After this anytime you feel comfortable and ready you can start enjoying sex time with your partner.

Challenges you may face

1. Less interest – Very common due to physical and mental stress.

2. Physical discomfort – Your new body may need some time. It’s huge, it’s loose, the soreness, time is the answer.

3. Vaginal dryness – This is common post-delivery in the initial days due to zero estrogen and lubricants can be of some help.

4. FearPost-delivery trauma can be taken care of with proper precautions and talking can help a lot.

5. Rush – Your partner’s feelings or fear of missing out shouldn’t be the reason to push yourself to it.

Tips to rebuild intimacy

• Keep the lines of communication open, talk about the new joy, pain, fear, shyness, everything.

• Share the chores and baby care responsibilities.

• Spend much time together.

• Start with simple Physical affection – kiss, hold hands, cuddle, and foreplay.

• Take care of your health at first – Eat healthily, Sleep well, Exercise a bit too.

Wise words for Women:

1. Yes, your body image has changed. Accept that happily, as you are a proud mom now and doing the right things you can be fit again. Do not worry, you do not have to be in shape to start your sex life.

2. Sex can make you happy, bring in change amidst the baby care routine, and so go ahead.

3. Talk to your doctor, if the bleeding restarts post-sex or you experience intolerable pain.

Wise words for Men:

1. Remember, she now is not just your partner but the mother of your child, so give her all the love and extra care needed. She’s now managing multiple things being a patient herself who’s recovering.

2. Never force, start with simple things and assurance that she’s still and always will be your beloved.

3. Fear is not just for women, you may be too. If you fear you may harm her in the course of action and hence not welcoming sex, then talking can help.

Every couple goes through this phase post-delivery and you will sail through too. Also, each couple is different, some may need few months to restart their sexual life and some may need more. The end is not important but the start, so remembers to take one step at a time. Also, there is nothing wrong with meeting a counselor if you feel there is a lack of desire even after many months and multiple attempts, and it is affecting your relationship post-childbirth.

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