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Reduce Belly Fat Post Pregnancy | Postpartum Belly Reduction

Reduce Belly Fat Post Pregnancy Post partum post delivery weight reduction kannada hindi

Reduce Belly Fat Post Pregnancy

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Most new mothers have this question post-pregnancy, “Why do I still look pregnant?”. With a squishy tummy or pregnancy pouch around most also feel depressed too, especially worried about their social life. One must remember that you just inflated like a balloon step by step for 9 months and its advisable to give that much time for your body to settle down and get back to shape. A healthy routine and few inclusions can help you get fit and reduce that belly fat as mentioned in this article Reduce Belly Fat Post Pregnancy. Please consider reading this until the end and watch out for a video too.

Reduce Belly Fat Post Pregnancy

(Please consider reading this until the end and watch out for a video too)

Reduce Belly Fat Post Pregnancy Post partum post delivery weight reduction kannada hindi

1. Drink more Water

Drinking more water and keeping your body hydrated is very important while breastfeeding, this also helps burn fat easily. Detox drinks can be the best way to flavor one’s water intake. Drink hot/warm water whenever possible. 

2. Body Massages

Postpartum body massages are an effective and holistic way of coping up with newfound motherhood. It helps in hormone regulation, reduces stress and anxiety. Abdominal massage increases blood circulation, it can help boost your metabolism and make your digestive system work smoother. Be sure to take some professional help in this.

3. Belly Fat Reduction Drinks

These fat burning drinks are an amazing way to boost belly fat reduction. The combination of spice, honey and lemon makes it more effective to increase metabolism. I’ve posted few Belly Fat Reduction Drinks with video, please have a look. There is no need to worry as these are completely natural. It would be great if you could drink it early morning and once before bed. You can even try Apple Cider Vinegar.

4. Eat more Fruits and Salads

Skip those oily and empty calories junk foods. Fruits, salads, and sprouts not only helps your body recover postpartum it also forms a healthy habit in you to stay fit forever. Dressing it with few healthy seeds like pumpkin seeds or chia seeds can be more helpful. 

Also check lactation boosting foods :

5. Reduce Carbohydrate Intake

Too much of rice or wheat, eating starchy vegetables, sugary foods, certain legumes can be harmful in your weight reduction journey. Though carbohydrates are required to keep you energetic on days of breastfeeding I would suggest you be watchful while eating them. 

6. Use Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are the best way to flavor food without extra calories and act as the best agents to increase metabolism and burn fat quickly. You can use turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, ginger, garlic, and pepper regularly which are post pregnancy friendly too.

7. Monitor Protein Intake

Taking any more than required protein will be stored in the body as flab. Avoid taking 2 proteins at a time. Include more fiber-rich food and water when you have high protein food like dairy products, fish, meat and certain legumes.

8. Belly Binding or Wrapping

The most old-fashioned but trusted way of toning ones abdominal muscles is belly binding or wrapping. There are few types of research which say that they only support and help you get rid of back pain and nothing else. If you decide to belly wrap, you can do it 5 days postpartum in case of normal delivery and 6 weeks postpartum(or basis how fast or slow your stitches heal) in case of a C-section.

9. Exercise Regularly

Take your OB or gynecologists suggestion and start some belly fat reduction exercises like pelvic floor exercise, bridge exercises, sit ups or some basic yoga forms. Swimming is the best way to lose weight postpartum but only after 6 weeks to reduce chances of infection. I’ve made a video on when to start exercise postpartum, please have a look. 

10. Breastfeed regularly

Last but not the least if you are able to breastfeed your child its suggested to continue breastfeeding regularly. Breastfeeding triggers the contraction in the uterus and helps it shrink. Nursing also helps burn calories. 

Video: Reduce Belly Fat Post Pregnancy | Post Partum Belly Reduction 

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Disclaimer: The information given in this article are basis my personal experience and few researches I’ve done along with gynecologists and postpartum fitness trainers. 

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