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One of the new edgy believes making rounds among Mothers are Affirmations. It’s all about thinking, which makes all the difference in the new life growing within a Mom-to-be. Training the Little developing mind right from the womb, strengthening the wired bond of the Mom and baby with positive affirmations and trust makes an ideal baby and ideal mom.

Positive affirmations

Now, what can we expect and read from this article, firstly all the mom-to-be lets repeat “I’m going to be an amazing mother of an amazing baby after an amazing pregnancy. How? Let’s all know it! See it! Feel it! to have the true experience.“

The magical moments of pregnancy made more magical and tunable with the hidden mythological secrets that are making its positive presence very notable among the mom’s-to-be, to have a happy and safe take-off and landing during the pregnancy days and the Motherhood in the making.

Womb lessons for the baby

“Bonding with your unborn baby in the womb” few tried and tested secrets revealed in the article. A few minutes between the baby and the Mom-to-be spared along with the father makes a happy experience to cherish forever.

1. Talk to your baby

Every moment and opportunity you get describe to your baby the daily activities we do. Describe her about the day. Talk to the baby while driving in the car telling about where you are going and what you’re seeing, talking about the food you are eating is highly beneficial. Think of her as your best friend and tell a few privileged secrets that you could share only with the baby.

2. Dedicate and play soft soothing music for your baby

Play your favorite songs and dedicate to the baby, singing along is even better the true emotions are felt and experienced while singing. The baby will remember and recognize and react to the songs making us feel the surprise factor.

3. Belly bond

Massaging the belly releases calming and relaxing hormones for you and your baby. Feel your baby kick and respond to them, a casual talk and sharing stories will all pay off once the baby is playing in your hands.

4. Daydreaming by closing your eyes about your baby

Imagine cuddling and carrying your baby, making love to the baby once she is born. This may feel very weird, that’s completely acceptable but just be with your dreams, experience good, feel good, that is the positivity in the making.

5. Remember to feel joy every day

Most importantly laugh, smile, and appreciate the simplest tiny miracles taking place in your life every moment, it’s all about feeling good, seeing good, talking good, hearing good, and typically eating good and healthy.

6. Display Positive pictures

Place them around your house where you will see them often. Creating collage describing and making plans with the baby make the excitement and the feel-good hormones of the Mother and a positive approach for the baby in the womb of love. Using pictures of yourself and your husband and create an image of your life together once the baby is born.

In addition to all this for a Mom-to-be, these positive affirmations practice on regular basis is very important. Reading these affirmations three times every single day keeping an allotted time and a particular slot of the day will reap in “Positive baby in the making“.

Pregnancy positive affirmations for the mom-to-be

Ultimate Positive Affirmations for the Baby in the Womb

  • I am an amazing Mother about to have an amazing baby.
  • My pregnancy is perfect. I am delivering a happy and healthy baby.
  • I choose to see the beauty in this whole process of bringing a new life into the world.
  • I am calm, cool, and confident throughout my pregnancy. I’m experiencing the most beautiful nine months of my life.
  • The motherhood chapter of my life begins positively and I am ready to make it a beautiful chapter in my life.
  • I am a strong Mother, I am a determined Mother.
  • I am in perfect health. My baby is in perfect health.
  • I listen to my body and my heart when deciding how I will give birth.
  • I choose to experience the beauty of natural birth and so that is what I will experience!
  • I am growing a positive baby and I am delivering a beautiful baby.
  • My body is accepting the Baby and will protect it.
  • I am the most important person in my Baby’s world, how I feel matters and I choose to be safe.
  • I am patient with myself and my baby.
  • Today is the most beautiful day of my pregnancy.
  • As my baby grows within me, my body is tuned for perfect rhythms and the magic of nature.
  • I am delivering my baby in love. I will raise my baby with love.
  • An amazing Mother is being born along with my baby.
  • Pregnancy is a unique and beautiful experience. I am consciously enjoying a unique Motherhood journey.
  • My body is beautifully nourishing the baby I carry.
  • How my child is born is MY choice and I completely choose natural birth.
  • I’m breathing in a happy Mother and breathing out a happy Mother
  • I and my baby are one, I now choose to create peace within me and around me.

Positivity during pregnancy

Having these as flashcards, or print outs on the wall and reading these regularly will build inner strength and a positive bond for the baby with the Mother and the World and the house the baby will be living in the future. We can creatively make a slide show of these pictures with soothing music running in the background all through the day or few hours or while sleeping will help both the Mother and the positive baby in the making.

The above affirmation list can add on depending on your creativity and your needs, get the positive affirmation right use apt and meaningful words think twice before making any positive affirmations as to is it relevant and is it getting in the positive message we want to deliver to our baby. Making your own Daily Affirmations is always good too. In short, it is


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