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Deworming kids every now and then has been an ancient practice as its common for kids of ages between 5 to 10 to get worms. In this video we shall learn more about what are these worms – especially pinworms, are these harmful? how to prevent and how to deworm.

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What are Intestinal Worms?

These are parasites. Children can get these worms when they accidentally get worm eggs on their hands and swallow them. This can happen when they come into contact with people who are infected or through toys, clothes, contaminated food, or water. The said eggs then get into kids’ small intestines hatch and lay more eggs there. The eggs will not be visible to the naked eye and the worms will be white in color and 8-15 mm long. These do not cause any diseases but can be very uncomfortable for children.


1.    Itchiness around the bottom area

2.    Rashes around the anus

3.    Bacterial infections due to scratching

4.    Visible pinworms in stool

5.    Abdominal pain or vomiting

6.    Restlessness or lack of sleep

7.    Hunger pangs


1.    Visit the doctor for deworming medication once or twice a year as suggested

2.    Include minced Raw garlic in the child’s food

3.    Fresh Raw Carrot rich in fiber help push out the worms through the anus

4.    A teaspoon of coconut oil daily to curb infections

5.    Use turmeric more often in food


1.    Wash hands before having food

2.    Encourage not to scratch around his bottom regularly

3.    Cut fingernails regularly

4.    Bathe daily, change clothes daily, and do not share towels

5.    Deworm everyone in the family when one is found infected

6.    Infected child’s clothes can be sundried as these worms are sensitive to light

7.    Bed linen, toys, etc. need to be taken care of

8.    Clean the toilet seats well before use in the house or in public toilets

Video: How to Safeguard Kids from Intestinal Worms | Signs, Treatment & Prevention

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