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A gentle eye rub, a yawn or a dull stare from a baby is a sigh relief to every parent, as the baby sleep time is nearing. I literally jump when my kid does this and immediately we head with our night time traditions to sleep. Well it’s true sigh of “Me time” after that, so let’s take the responsibility to structure the baby and toddlers sleep with a fun filled calm routine with “Indian Baby and Toddler Sleep Tips – Tried & Tested”.

Indian Baby and Toddler Sleep Tips - Tried & Tested

How can I get my Baby sleep through night? Is the question we always ask as new parents, and doctors and other parents of toddlers give their experience of sleep saga stories and tips. Well let’s rephrase the question to “Why won’t my baby sleep through the night?”Firstly we need to think in the baby’s perspective, what makes them awake so frequently.

  • Feed
  • Colic
  • Diaper change
  • Not comforting night clothes
  • Noises and disturbances
  • Light in the sleep surrounding
  • Food habits
  • Activity through the day
  • Anxiety and curiosity
  • Dream
  • Activity just before sleeping
  • Forced sleep

Tips to make a baby sleep

Well the list can go endless. Once we figure out the reasons lets deal with it logically and emotionally with respect to how the baby wants it, as a matter of fact it’s the baby who has to be at ease to sleep.

Few actions to keep in mind before and nearing to sleep routine

  • Swaddling
  • Using White noise
  • Pre -nap and bed time routines
  • Full feed and not snack like meal is a main tip to keep hunger away if that’s the reason for sleep trouble.
  • See good, hear good, talk good is very important to keep it in the routine throughout the day.
  • No sweets ans sugar food to be given when nearing sleeping or nap time.
  • No electronic gadgets and load noises nearing sleep time.
  • Not to over stimulate the baby or toddlers

How to make a baby sleep fast

To know more on the average Sleep statistics from babies to toddlers it is:

  • From Birth – 6 weeks about 45 – 60 minutes
  • 2-3 months about 1 – 1.5 hours
  • 4-5 months about 1.25 – 2.25 hours
  • 6-7 months about 2 – 2.75 hours
  • 8-9 months about 2.25 – 3 hours
  • 10-12 months about 3 – 4 hours
  • 12+months about 3 – 6 hours depending on number of naps

How to clue the Baby to start Sleep Routine?

We can indicate the baby and toddlers by slowly turning off the electronics, setting the toys back to its respective place, a calmer 30 minutes prior to bedtime routine making the inner self calm and free of excitement of new activities. With this let’s discuss a simple short and achievable bedtime routine that’s saved many parents adding on myself to the list too.

Best ways to make a sleep routine for a baby

Bedtime Routine Process

A consistent Bedtime Routine will help the Baby understand the sequence of acts and action to expect nearing to the bedtime. Like giving a warm bath in the evening, dressing in the night pyjamas, followed by dinner, later having some warm milk (as per baby age), brushing the teeth, reading a bedtime story. A dim light in the room making the mind set for sleep time followed by night prayers and light sleep music followed by other night rituals if any will make the baby or toddler adjust to this smart sleep routine and will definitely give a strong foundation for longer night sleep. Once the baby is drowsy we can but the baby on their bed and with a gentle kiss on forehead saying Good night will do the magic. A 21 day committed effort of following this routine will work wonders and brings a self satisfaction of having a whole lot of “me time” after this is followed and achieved.

Tips and tricks for making a baby sleep

Stories, Flash Cards, Picture Books to make Bedtime interestingly happy ?

Having flash cards for sleep time, showing the bedtime routine and making the actions accordingly to involve the baby or toddlers to follow these flash cards patterns as a game, will encourage them in a easy way.

Other options would be showing picture books for sleep routine, explaining the baby and toddlers to follow the sleep routine. This boosts and inspires the young readers to follow good habits of sleep tradition.

How to make a baby sleep throughout the night

Why Baby resists Sleep ?

Babies who are over stimulated and exhausted sleep for a short duration, so the main point in the checklist is to keep the baby calm and simple with miniscal activities for play to keep the mind of the baby and toddlers at ease for sleep preparation. A well fed and well rested child sleeps better and longer than an over stimulated child. So as our brain associates the bright light to be awake and dark to sleep, a dimmer environment with less sound makes the baby set its internal clock to sleep mode and clams the mind.

How to identify the Baby is ready to Sleep ?

When we see a sign of drowsiness in the baby, a calmer baby, less active and bored it’s the moment to freeze and start off the bedtime routine. The baby’s internal clock is indicating when to be awake and when to be asleep so let’s go with the biological flow. Putting the baby to sleep on the bed when the baby is drowsy is the key to sleep peacefully by themselves and not by force. This makes the baby understand the surrounding before they sleep and register in mind to wake up happily and prepared. If the baby sleeps in between avoid eye contact, talking in high pitch voice, bright light or sudden change in music to avoid attention for eyes and ears.

Strategies to make a baby sleep

Tried and Tested Tips to put a Baby to Sleep

  • Avoid Eye contact while making the baby sleep
  • Bathing the Baby
  • Comfortable sleep clothes
  • Dimmer lights in sleeping area
  • Empty the baby crib or sleeping area of toys and books
  • Follow and be consistent at bed time Routine
  • Super absorbent night time diapers
  • Look out for sleep signs
  • Bedtime routine
  • Keep a sound track for sleep
  • Swaddling
  • White noise or play a sleep track or sing

How to put a new born to sleep

We hope “Indian Baby and Toddler Sleep Tips – Tried & Tested” has made your sleep time more structured and easy to follow with a new baby or a toddler and follow it for times to come and babies to come, giggles, well keeping the humor and motivating to start the Bedtime Routine.

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