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Maintaining good hygiene is a proactive way to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria and build immunity in kids. It is a simple act of taking care of our health and well being by keeping ourselves and surroundings clean. The earlier the better to adapt to this healthy lifestyle and learn good hygiene habits for kids.

6 Personal Hygiene Habits for Kids

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6 Important Hygiene Habits for Kids cleanliness neatness

1. Oral Hygiene

Cavities, bad breath, and other oral diseases can be kept at bay by following few simple oral hygiene steps. 

Things to follow : 

1. Brush 2 times a day

2. Brush immediately after eating sweets.

3. Use fluoride-free toothpaste for kids

2. Bathing Ritual

Sweating is a common process in kids which their highly active sessions. Sweat can bring in a lot of bacteria on one’s body if not cleaned regularly. Also as kids tend to play outdoors a lot, this helps to keep those germs at bay. 

1. Encourage them to bath daily and two times a day during summer.

2. Help them understand the priority of keeping their pubic area clean.

3. Wash hair minimum twice a week.

4. Scrub the skin once a week. 

5. Use mild soaps for children.

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3. Hand and Foot Hygiene

Kids play a lot outside and it’s not often possible to bathe them. Back home from school and wearing socks for too long the foot starts sweating and its must to wash their feet. Playing in mud or dirt can also invite a lot of germs and kids must inculcate a habit of handwash without fail once back home.

1. Hand wash every time they play and come back home. 

2. Make it a must after-school ritual.

3. Weekly nail cut or trimming nails is a must.

4. Must before having food.

5. Wear fresh socks each time.

4. Toilet Hygiene

Toilet or Bathroom is one of the places indoor which has the maximum number of germs, as it stays wet for a most of the time. Keep the bathroom clean and teach few basic hygienes to kids to stay safe.

1. Wipe or wash their private parts every time they go to pee or poo.

2. Flushing each time is a must.

3. Wash hands after each use.

4. It’s not important to use more water but to use it smartly.

5. Coughing and Sneezing Hygiene

Kids must learn coughing and sneezing etiquettes as early as possible. This can avoid spreading of illnesses to siblings and family. Best part other kids will learn seeing yours and in turn, your child will be saved from many illnesses. 

1. Cough with your hands covered.

2. Sneeze using a handkerchief.

3. Wash your hands whenever possible, during cough or cold. 

6. Home Hygiene 

Along with personal hygiene kids must learn home hygiene too. Keeping the surroundings clean helps them follow a healthy hygienic and clean lifestyle and reduces your burden of cleaning too. 

1. Wearing clean clothes.

2. Putting the dish in the sink after each meal.

3. Clean it when you spill it.

4. Putting the toys back in place when you are done.

5. Keep your clothes, books, toys tidy and neatly organized.

Kids learn more when they see than that when they are told to do something. Let’s follow these basic etiquettes for a healthy lifestyle and be a role model for our kids. Don’t forget to praise them when they follow good things. These habits can’t be formed instantly so be patient. Every time they do a mistake lets go help them do it correctly and regularly. Wishing a Happy Healthy Life to all!!!

Video : 6 Personal Hygiene Habits for Kids : 

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