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Dates the dark delicious scaly textured fruit holding to deliver its natural healing powers to the growing toddlers and babies, this dry fruit is a uniquely sweet and fleshy brain booster dry fruit for the toddlers development with its power house properties for energizing one’s health, this is a delicious multi-vitamin rich dry fruit. A whopping big introduction with longest sentence was to deliver the goodness and importance and nutritional benefits of Dates which is endless.


How why when use dates for babies kids family


Dates are an incredible natural sweeter rich in versatile sweet flavor which initiates the best way to reduce the usage of refined sugar consumption. Dates supply nearly 30% of daily fiber requirements, which helps in the digestion process. This is packed with Carbohydrates and on an average 2 Dates will deliver 40 grams of Carbohydrates and when anyone running low of energy it’s the best snack in ones bag.

When can we start giving dates to babies?

Its abundant nutritional goodness and benefits makes it highly acceptable to start for babies from 8 months + in the form of syrup and slowly and gradually move to the whole Dates as a finger food.

8 goodness of Dates for family and toddlers

Benefits of using dates

  • Contains Proteins the main building blocks for muscles in addition to it its full of fiber
  • Strengthens your teeth and tooth enamel
  • Remedy for gastric ulcers and relieves from constipation thereby healing digestive tract and maintains digestive health
  • Remedy for dysentery remedy for intestinal disturbances
  • Reduces risk of stroke and its Anemia cure due to rich source of Iron
  • Natural energy booster and Improves nervous weakness
  • Improves eye sight and Protects liver
  • Strengthens the hair follicles and controls hair loss
  • Enriches and replenishing for youthful skin, anti-aging properties

Benefits of Dates

Easy ways to include dates daily (foods)

  • Add to morning milk for the kids and toddlers
  • Morning porridge and top with chopped nuts
  • Pour a few tablespoons over Dates syrup for natural sweetness of vegetables
  • Pour it on toddler’s porridge for natural sweetener
  • Use dates syrup instead of sugar or honey to Granola bars.
  • Adding to smoothies and desserts
  • Spread it onto bread toast
  • Drizzling it on pancakes and French toast
  • Add it to Yoghurt and fresh fruit to sweeten up your breakfast naturally and delivering healthy smoothies
  • Health drinks for the toddlers
  • Date syrup is less sweet than honey, but sweeter than regular granulated white sugar, statistically it decreases about 1/3 of the sweetness.
  • Dates are used in abundant quantities for making sweet and delivering a wonderful caramel crisp flavor and natural sweetness.


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Iron rich supplements for babies

Dates as a Alternative sweetener for Adults too

Dates are the best sweeteners which are naturally and easily homemade for consumption. When you are counting on your calories, Dates and Dry Dates Powder come handy.

Recipes with Dates for Babies and Families

Dates Syrup

Benefits of dates syrup


Almonds and Dates Choco Spread

Benefits of Dates for babies


Dry Fruits Ladoo 

How to prepare Dry Fruits Laddu





Almonds and Dates Choco-Spread

Carrot Kheer with Dates

Dates Syrup

Dates and Raisins Poha Kheer

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A Date with DATES Simplified

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