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Dates are a power packed special Dry Fruits with a lot of nutrients. Its one of the best foods for babies brain development, baby and kid’s memory power and nourishment. Dates are a instant energy boosters, hence ideal for consuming in the morning.

HOMEMADE DRY DATES POWDER for Toddlers, Kids & Family Benefits of Dry Dates powder


Dates are recommended to be introduced to babies after 8 month + and can continue for toddlers and kids. Essential Vitamins and Minerals needed for child growth is available in plenty. Start with the Dry Dates Powder immediately for the baby’s growth and avail the goodness. Read our article on Dates for more details and recipes – “How, when and why use Dates for babies kids and family“.


Try our ready to use Dry Dates Powder

Dates Powder can be added to :

Porridge’s, plain milk, fruit purees, desserts, garnish on custard, smoothies, yogurt, ice-cream, health mixes, dry fruits laddoo, Dates spread, energy bars ,kheer, oats meal, chopped fruit or the best instant way is to eat a spoon full for instant energy.



How to make HOMEMADE DRY DATES POWDER for Toddlers, Kids & Family

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HOMEMADE DRY DATES POWDER for Toddlers, Kids & Family

Dry Dates Powder for the all purpose immunity and energy booster for the babies and toddlers. A boost in the brain development and memory enhancement its one of the best to feed the baby for growth and development.

Author:Kavitha Prashanth
Recipe Type: Snacks, Healthy Bake, Travel friendly, Lunch box snacks


  • Dates - 1 cup


  • De-seed the Dry Dates and chop it roughly for sun drying them. If the Dates are too hard we can use pestle and mortar for cutting the Dates roughly.
  • 5 - 10 days we need to sun dry depending on the Dates lot. Sun dry it till it breaks and cracks easily.
  • Use a mixer for grinding the Dates, turn on and turf off the mixer at regular intervals to avoid the Dates powder to get oily. Mix in spoon to grind the Dates easily.
  • Sieve the Dates powder. Repeat the mixer process if the Dates lumps are still persisting.
  • Homemade Dry Dates Powder ready to serve to enhance the taste and nutrition of the foods.


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HOMEMADE DRY DATES POWDER for Toddlers, Kids & Family How to make dry dates powder at home easily


Benefits of Dates

  • Bones and teeth health and strength
  • Prevents constipation
  • Healthy bowel movement and controls Diarrhea
  • Treats anemia due to its good source of Iron
  • Energy booster like all the dry fruits
  • Healthy weight gain
  • Maintains healthy Heart and reduces Heart stroke
  • Boosts the Nervous system maintenance

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