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Nasal Congestion is one of the common issues among babies, toddlers, and kids. There are multiple due for which nasal congestion occurs. I have tried to brief those in this article and the possible home remedies.

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5 Reasons for Nasal Congestion

1. The Baby’s Nasal passages are too small

2. Babies can’t blow their noses and accumulated mucus tends to make babies congested

3. Common cold virus, Viral or Bacterial infections

4. Allergies due to irritants in the air due to powder, perfume, or dust

5. Seasonal conditions which increase during winter

6. Sinusitis or Nasal deformities

Home Remedies

1. Breastfeeding 
It may appear too normal but one must remember that this liquid gold produces enough necessary substances for the baby to fight infection and stay hydrated meanwhile. Regular feeding helps fast recovery. Spraying a few drops of breast milk into babies’ nostrils can help smoothen the mucus to remove it easily later.

2. Bulb Syringe 

This can be a simple way to help babies release that mucus stuck in their small noses. Be careful while using it and be gentle while the bulb sucks the mucus. Also, remember to sterilize before each use and clean with soap after use.

3. Saline Drops
This solution is easily available at any medical shop and can be used as a safe countertop medicine when used as instructed. Pour a few drops into babies 1 nostril and after a few seconds to another one. Wait till the mucus softens and remove it using a Bulb Syringe.

4. Elevated Body & Head
Allow the baby to sit or hold upright in a baby carrier while the baby is awake as this helps your baby breathe with little ease. Keeping your baby’s head elevated with the help of a cushion or small pillow or just folding a big piece of cloth below their head with sufficient neck support during sleep helps the mucus drain on its own.

5. Warm Compress 
A small towel or handkerchief dipped in warm water can be kept across their nose. Keep changing this every few minutes until the baby finds it easy to breathe and mucus releases. The heat created by this compress with ease the process.

6. Garlic & Carom Seeds Pouch 
Roast 4 garlic pods along with ½ tsp carom seeds until you smell a nice aroma. Tie it with a cotton cloth when hot. Keep it near the baby at a safe distance when the baby is fast asleep. The fumes released from the pouch when inhaled will offer relief to the baby and helps release mucus too.

7. Humidifier or Steam Vaporizer 
With the change in climate and weather conditions, babies find it difficult to hold on and are easily affected. Use a humidifier in the baby’s room to soften the dry air. Cleaning it often helps ensure there is no growth of mold or fungus inside. For older babies, you can use a steam vaporizer under your guidance. Slip inside a big towel holding your baby tight while you help her take the steam.

8. Oil Massage 
A light massage on the baby’s chest with warm coconut oil or mustard oil can be soothing. Niligiri enne or Eucalyptus oil acts as a great remedy but it is advisable to use for babies above 10 months due to its heavy fragrance. Avoid using commercial vapor rubs, rubbing them extensively on a baby’s chest or nose can be dangerous.

9. Soups and Drinks for Toddlers

Soups made adding pepper and health drinks made using turmeric, ginger or honey can be helpful for an energetic toddler to soothe the congestion. The ingredients contain inflammatory properties that help fight infection and help to clear the congestion in their nasal passages. Ensure to offer it to them as hot as they can take. You can check our Radish soup, Vegetable soup recipes. You can also check Turmeric Milk, Tulsi Kashaya, Ginger Kashaya.

10. Keep them Warm & Allow Fresh Air 
There is no need to put on woolen clothes all the time but layering helps. Use multiple clothes one above the other. Use a scarf or caps if the baby’s ears are cold and socks if the baby’s feet are cold. Some babies just like some adults do not feel cold all the time and woolen clothes for them will unnecessarily increase their body temperature resulting in fever. Keeping them inside a room the whole day in the infected environment can be harmful too. So opening windows and allowing fresh air is very important. Take them out during the day when it is not too cold to breathe some fresh air. It’s good to carry them while they have congestion, or making them sit if using a stroller is good.

When to visit a doctor?

Most of the time babies are just congested and there is no need to worry about and the above remedies help.

1. Baby’s cough a lot without relief

2. You can see their ribs moving up and down and finding it difficult to breathe

3. None of the home remedies bought them relief for more than 5 days

4. Baby’s are not playing normally, lethargic, not able to sleep well, or don’t even want to smile

5. Premature infants can be at higher risk as their lungs need to develop yet

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