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Fruits for Babies

Fruits for Babies Can I give fruits to babies What fruits can I give to my baby

Why do we eat fruits? Fruits are just so commonly eaten and considered highly beneficial. Do we really know why? Fruits are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and major essential nutritients. Fruits build immunity, keep us hydrated and our skin glowing, keep us energized, fights fat and cholesterol and many more benefits we do get for sure. In this article lets talk about the importance of fruits for Babies, when do we start, how to choose the right fruit and more.

When to Introduce Fruits to Babies?

Fruits make a great first food for babies as they are colorful, flavorful, tasty, differently textured and easy on tummy. As and when you decide to introduce solids to your baby, which ideally should be post 6 months, you can happily start with Fruits for Babies.

Benefits of giving Fruits to Babies

I’ve already mentioned few benefits of Fruits in general let’s understand the benefits of giving fruits to babies.

1. Boost Immunity – Babies at this age attract infections very easily. It is highly important to monitor their diet. Fruits contain vitamins C and E and minerals that boost immunity. Regular intake of fruits can help them combat infections and diseases.

2. Better Digestive System – One of the major worry of parents come with babies digestion issues. Babies not excreting regularly can bring in lot of altered issues. Regular and balanced intake of fruits can help improve their digestion and bring in regularity in their poop schedule. Fruits also help removing toxins from body effectively.

3. Boost Energy & Performance – Babies are always learning something new and on the move. By 6 months when they start solids they are also becoming mobile too and hence to support keep their energy levels high fruits play a major role. With their fine motor skills developing these brain boosting fruits can help them reaching milestones.

4. Keeps them Hydrated – Instead of filling babies with water, especially for the one’s before an year, it’s good to offer nutrient rich Fruits during summers and in general all the time. It also helps retain a healthy and glowing skin.

How to Choose the right Fruit?

1. Freshness – Frozen, Canned fruits may be loaded with chemicals hence check and buy fresh fruits from your local buyer than supermarkets who buy in bulk

2. Go Seasonal – All seasonal fruits are healthy. They haven’t been plucked early and ripened chemically but they are allowed to ripen in the tree naturally and hence are nutrient rich in comparison with latter.

3. Choose Organic – Pesticides and other dangerous chemicals to increase the shelf life of a fruit have been very commonly found in many regular fruits like apple, banana, pears etc.  You should avoid fruits with high pesticide levels. Be careful on where you buy or simply choose to buy organic fruits from local stores or farmers.

4. Offer Local Fruits – Local food is the food grown within 100 miles or just closer to you in your region. Local fruits are allowed to ripen naturally, they retain more nutrients than the one travels long distances. Locally grown fruits are much safer as they are grown in season, not plucked raw and ripened chemically. Some local growers may grow fruits with less or no pesticides and just that they haven’t got organic labeling. 

How to Offer Fruits to Babies?

• Certain fruits were early recommended to be started post one year of babies life to avoid allergic reactions. It is now made aware to not avoid any food for a baby until there is a family history or if a baby has shown any allergic reaction to any food in the past. So go ahead and offer all local and season fruits in moderation but giving any new food in the morning is a better idea.

• Fruits can be offered in multiple forms to babies. When you choose to wean in traditional method you can offer it in puree form and later transition to mashed form. If you start self-feeding you can offer it as longer pieces where a baby can hold it and chew easily and later move to diced fruit. Ensure not to store leftover pureed, mashed or cut fruit for the next session.

• Fruits can also be mixed with their porridges or any baby food to flavor them naturally instead of adding unwanted sugar. 

• Certain fruits may be a choking hazard hence monitoring the baby while eating becomes necessary. Grapes and few berries need to be cut vertically and lengthy pieces to be offers. Fruits which aren’t soft can be half cooked and offered or grated and added in other foods. Dry fruits are to be given in powdered form until they can start chewing.

• Fruit juices are not recommended for babies until an year or in general to everybody as its too good to eat it as a whole.

What if your baby does not eat Fruits?

Like other foods your baby may reject to eat certain or all fruits. Just be patient. Offer at a different time on a different day and try again. Eat in front of your baby. Try multiple varieties.

Fruits can cause Cough or Cold?

No fruit causes fever, cough or cold. It’s a myth. Ensure to handle the fruits hygienically and avoid frozen fruits as cold is caused due to virus but sore throat can be due to bacteria in and around the fruit.

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