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The fetus starts growing its hair in the first trimester but all or some of the hair will eventually fall in all babies. Hair loss in babies is a good sign, as it means your child is adapting to the world outside the womb. Even in adults, it’s the same, dermatologist say a minimum amount of hair loss is a sign of good health.

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Let us understand what is normal and needs no worry.

  1. Few strands of hair visible on the baby’s bed
  2. Loss of few strands when you comb
  3. Hair on a towel after a bath or in the bathroom

Reasons for Hair Loss in babies :

1. Telogen Effluvium 

Infant hair loss may start around the age of 2 months or 4 months and shall start to regrow between 3 to 7 months of age. My son had nearly no hair when born and by 2nd year we could see good hair on his head. And this is what doctors say, that thicker hair emerges around 2 years of age. This is in medical terms is called Telogen Effluvium, which has a resting phase and growing phase.

2. Infection 

Ringworm infection caused by tinea capitas, a variant of fungi that can cause hair loss, itchy, flaky scalp with redness. This generally doesn’t affect babies below 2 years but if any elders in the family have it, it can easily spread as it’s highly contagious. So it’s good to keep the baby’s comb, hat, and towel separate.

3. Alopecia Areata

This condition causes the baby’s immune system to attack the hair follicles all over the body, resulting in small bald patches.

4. Friction 

Babies lie in the same position for longer durations and until they are mobile their major activity is moving head, hands, and rolling eyes. Eventually, they rub their head against the rough surfaces of the mattresses or strollers and lose lots of hair.

5. Other reasons 

Cradle cap, thyroid disorders, physical damage, baby’s pulling their hair compulsively, dandruff, lice infestation can be some other reasons.

So, it is best to visit the doctor when along with hair loss you observe symptoms like redness, itchiness, pain, discomfort, or scars.

 Tips to prevent hair loss in babies due to physical damage

• Change babies position often

• Encourage tummy time

• Use a mild shampoo

• Do not overdo oils

• Do not use hair dryers

• Do not tie their hair too tight

• Comb less frequently and use soft bristles brush

• Avoid unnecessary supplementation/medication

Finally, let me comfort you by saying Infant Hair loss is rarely a concern. This is common and almost all babies go through this. Do not lose your hair worrying about it. Mundan or the practice of shaving hair in young children is safe but does not have any scientifically proven effect on hair loss or hair regrowth.

Video: Hair Loss in Babies | Reasons & Tips to avoid Infant Hair Loss

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