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5 Foods to help Build Muscle Mass in Indian Kids

5 foods to build muscle mass in indian kids hindi kannada maaspeshi maamsakhanda

Muscle mass is very important for growing children to build strength and endurance for their daily activities and sports. They need muscle mass to support bones, build stamina and stay fit in the longer run. Best part is, it is not achieved by buying store bought protein shakes or mixes but by giving healthy food daily and in this article we are talking in detail about foods to help build muscle mass in Indian Kids.

Healthy foods are sure to keep your little one nourished and full but building muscle mass can happen by adding some extra food to the diet. Foods have medicinal properties and a well planned meal can compensate all that our body needs. Here are 5 foods to Build Muscle Mass in Indian Kids considering Indian style of cooking and serving.

5 Foods To Build Muscle Mass in Kids

5 foods to build muscle mass in indian kids hindi kannada maaspeshi maamsakhanda

1.Pulses and Legumes

These are high in protein and hence many parents think it cannot be digested easily by the young tummy. But when given in the form of porridges, khichdis or soft food it can be digested well and they work wonders in improving the muscle mass in kids. 

2.Dairy Foods

Dairy products are rich source of calcium that helps make the bones strong. The proteins found in milk are whey and casein. These are the ingredients of most of the muscle mass building drinks. Dairy products slow the process of muscle breakdown in children.

3.Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are the rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential to the growing child. These help the muscles to contract and relax adequately thus maintaining the flexibility of muscles. The flex muscles of children tend to grow faster as well as stronger.

4.Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can be started from a very early age and are rich in carbs and potassium. The carbs help in sparing the muscle burnout for energy, potassium is needed for muscle build up and the antioxidants are very much essential to prevent the tender muscles of kids from any oxidative damage.

5.Meat and Seafood

Meat and seafood is the ideal muscle building food for children as it is considered as a pack of muscle building multivitamins. The protein rich meat is also a storehouse of iron, potassium and magnesium which promote the growth and muscle development.

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What to Avoid?


Sugar in excess for kids is to be avoided as it is simple carbohydrate and it digests soon. The sugar that is in excess to the body’s requirement will be converted and stored as fat which is not wanted. Sugar does not cause muscle build up due to the protein but only adds to the fat content of the body.

2.Junk Food

Junk food causes accumulation of trans fat in the body. Thus the muscle mass will be deprived of proteins and other essential micro nutrients required for the muscle development. For growing kids junk food is bad as it makes them obese rather than developing muscle mass.

Must Do:

1.Physical Activity

Physical activity especially aerobic exercises help build muscle mass in children. With physical activity in children there tends to be wear and tear of the muscles. The body reacts by repairing them at the earliest.  This yields strong and bigger muscles by increasing the muscle bulk. Outdoor activity should be encouraged among children.

2.Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping well in the night for about 8 hours is stimulatory for growth hormone production. Sleep has a very wide role to play in the muscle growth as well as the development. The energy consumption decreases during sleep and he muscle mass increases.

At the end I request parents to not mistake weight gain for muscle mass. Unnecessary fatty foods increase weight in kids which are not healthier and the above foods are best for their healthy living. Hope you find this article helpful. Please leave a comment below and tell us if you want me to make some recipes considering this.

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