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Fever in babies and kids is something every parent worries about. This article gives some detailed insight on how to check the temperature correctly and when to visit the doctor.

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Few things you must Know about Fever

1. When a foreign body like a virus or bacteria enters your body as a response your body fights back naturally. And this process causes inflammation in your body and increases the temperature. This is observed as fever. 

2. Fever is a natural phenomenon and one’s body grows stronger each time it fights on its own. This is not to be mistaken as a health hazard until it is associated with any major symptoms.

3. Every time you feed medicine immediately you are weakening your body’s strength without giving it a chance to fight.

How to Check the Body Temperature correctly

If you feel your body or baby’s body is hot it can be due to various reasons and do not predict and relate it to fever all the time. Measuring the body temperature using the correct method is very important before diving into a conclusion. Invest in a good brand thermometer and keep it at reach. Ensure to clean it with disinfectant before and after use.

1. Rectal Temperature – In India, most of them hesitate to use this method, and can be dangerous if not used in a proper method. Lubricate the tip of the thermometer with petroleum jelly, widen the baby’s legs and slowly insert it in the rectum. For babies below 6 months ½ inch and babies above 6 months, 1 inch is sufficient.

2. Armpit Temperature – Undress the baby and wipe the baby’s skin dry. Place the thermometer in the baby’s armpit and hold the elbow close to the baby’s body.

3. Oral Temperature – Ensure double care while using a thermometer orally. This is recommended for baby’s above 4 years who understands to hold than just chew it. Place the thermometer above the tongue and ask your child to close his mouth until it beeps.

Tips for Accurate Temperature Reading

1. If your baby was kept wrapped tightly then his body temperature would be high. So wait for 15 minutes

2. After 30 minutes of solid intake. As any hot or cold food intake can vary the temperature

3. 15 minutes post bathing

4. Add 1 degree F if you measure at the armpit.

When to visit a doctor?

1. 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit plus for an infant below 3 months

2. 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit plus for a baby above 3 months

3. For babies above a year the temperature doesn’t decide but symptoms. If your baby is active, eating, and playing there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Breathing difficulty, less appetite, not interest in playing or surroundings are symptoms that the baby is suffering and needs medical care.

First-Aid during Fever :

1. Sponge Bath soothes

2. Use AC or Fan as needed

3. Wear loose and thin cotton clothes only

4. Keep hydrated by feeding milk or water as per age

5. Feed at regular intervals – Easily digestible foods only

6. Avoid Public Places

7. Rest & Sleep maximum

8. Steam Inhalation helps

Video: Fever in Babies & Kids – How to check Temperature?

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