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What we Think, is what we Create. Our thoughts constantly build Positive Aura around us and getting our Kids involved in this Positive thinking and Affirmation right from birth will have a great impact on their growth, development and positive Attitude for their. Our emotions lead to action, inversely positive thoughts create positive action and a positive person in the making.

Positive affirmations for kids and babies

To define an affirmation is a positive phrase or statement that we think or say and read repeatedly, for example, “I am beautiful, I am kind, I lead my life”. These affirmations make one feel good, confident and happy and these essentially are beneficial for growing kids.

Reading, hearing and seeing positive scripts helps one to shape his or her life likely to their wish. During the early years children absorb all the comments and statements and reactions they receive into their unconscious minds like a computer hard disk or a porous sponge. To quote an example, a negative comment like “You’re a bad boy” when a child is not finishing his food or a puzzle or not cleaning ones room, it gets registered in the kids mind. These statements become solid information and stays in mind. Positive affirmations create healthy inner and outer feeling bringing in positive refreshment for the mind and encourages ones confidence and inner strength.

Affirmations empower your child and places them in the role of a leader in his own life and gives a feeling of control over situations. He knows whatever happens he can redirect his thoughts and change the outcome.

Thinking positive is the key to happy babies and happy future

Goodness of Positive Affirmations

  • Create conscious living
  • Creates active positive living
  • Helps goal attainment
  • We can make and use our own ‘I am’ affirmation cards to teach our children the power of positive affirmations and positive thinking.

Positive Thinking benefits for the kids

How to introduce Positive Affirmations in Kids

  •  As per research affirmations are effective when repeated loudly and works best on reciting them 3 times looking at the mirror.
  • Repeating these affirmations loudly and with more confidence brings the inner confidence each time we recite. This helps affirm the belief from within.
  • Work on one affirmation a day or one a week, depending on how confident your child is with each affirmation. Taking time and not pushing forcibly is the key for making this activity a part and parcel of life.

Helpful Tips

  • Take little time and discuss the affirmation impact and how your child actually feels about them.
  • Make a list of their good and positive qualities to help them boost their confidence and help them to recognize their values and capability
  • Positive affirmations should be introduced with fun and excitement to your kids
  • Affirmations are a wonderful tool and it is important not to bring a negative tone to them.
  • For children below 4 years parents can recite and also make them hear while sleeping or playing
  • Children of 4 or 5 age not ready to read can be helped by parents on repeating.
  • Affirmations create strong and healthy foundations when following them right from infancy to growing kids.
  • Affirmations take only few minutes and can be implemented in our daily routines very easily.
  • Affirmations help kids believe in them, make them feel happy and help them feel better to handle their feelings.

Happy and healthy babies by using Positive affirmations

Ways to Introduce Positive Affirmations in Daily Life

  • Place positive affirmation cards around the house in visible areas.
  • Reading the words will help them affirm positive beliefs.
  • Great spots are on the mirror in the bathroom, breakfast table, front of the bed in the bedroom, front and behind room door.
  • You may read the affirmations together as a family.
  • Working together on affirmations as a family will build relationships and grow together positively.
  • Let’s just begin our day with a few positive words spoken to ourselves will amazingly, make a difference to our whole body and environment around us. Our mind, our heart and our future is in our hands.
  • Affirmations are like Seed planted in a soil, choose to feel good and make the affirmations work faster.
  • Creating an inner confidence as children can shape our kids life

Law of Attraction because of Positive affirmations



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