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curd for babies

Can I give my baby Curd or Yogurt?

1. Is curd good for babies?

2. How much curd should a baby have a day?

3. Can babies eat curd at night?

4. Will curd cause cold in babies?

Curd is one of the best foods and definite inclusion for vegetarians. Indian parents worry and think” Can I give my baby Curd or Yogurt?” Find your answers here…

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Curd or Yogurt is one of the best foods that one can include during a baby’s solid introduction, yes at 6 months itself it can be started. Curd comes with amazing benefits and it is harmless for babies when eaten at the right time and right way.

Is Curd Good for Babies?

is curd good for babies

1. Easy to digest – The healthy bacteria in curd are known to make the process of digestion easier. Regular intake will improve the baby’s metabolism.

2. Helps sleep better – Curd or Yogurt is soothing and calming in nature and helps babies sleep better, treating insomnia.

3. Good for immunity – Regular intake of curd keeps the stomach healthy and helps get rid of disease-causing bacteria. Diarrhea and dysentery can be well controlled.

4. High in nutrients – Yogurt is rich in water and contains a good amount of proteins. It also contains carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins making it a wholesome meal for babies.

Why no milk but curd before a year?

Cow’s milk or any animal milk has a high amount of proteins and minerals that can damage a baby’s kidney. Curd, cheese, paneer undergo a culturing process that breaks down the milk proteins, and hence the protein in these are easier for babies to digest and act as a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

Difference between Curd & Yogurt

When one adds acidic substances like lemon and vinegar, the milk curdles into solid molasses and the water gets separated. The solid is called curd and water is whey protein. And when a culture is added to milk and fermented for 5-6 hours it forms a thick and creamy-like substance called Yogurt. But in India, we commonly use the term curd for everything, no harm though.

Common questions

1. When can I start Curd for my baby? Can be treated as a first food.

2. What time is ideal to give curd? Morning and afternoon.

3. Can I offer refrigerated curd? No, fresh and homemade is better.

4. Can I give curd to my baby while she has a cold? Yes, in the morning and afternoon.

5. Will curd cause cold? No, when given fresh and in the morning or afternoon.

6. Can I cook food with curd? No, it should never be cooked.

7. Should we add anything to curd? Can be offered plain, but adding pepper or cumin is good too.

8. Can we add fruits along with curd and offer them to the baby? Not necessary, separate is better.

9. Can my baby with Lactose intolerance have curd? Yes, you can, but monitor the first few times.

How to offer curd to baby?

1. Plain

2. As a dip

3. Curd Rice

4. Curd Oats Khichdi

5. Curd with Dates Powder – 8 months +

6. Curd with Jaggery Powder – 1yr+

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