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Can I give my baby Coconut Sugar?Can I give my baby Coconut Sugar? kannada hindi tenginakayi sakkare naariyal shakkar benefits uses

Coconut Sugar is also famously called as coco sugar, coconut blossom sugar, coconut palm sugar. Its most favorite commodity in health food world with many replacing white sugar with this. In this article I’ve discussed about Coconut Sugar for babies, benefits, usage and query answered about “Can I give Coconut Sugar to my baby?”

Can I give my baby Coconut Sugar?Can I give my baby Coconut Sugar? kannada hindi tenginakayi sakkare naariyal shakkar benefits uses

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Can I give my baby Coconut Sugar?

1. What is Coconut Palm Sugar?

Coconut Palm Sugar is a natural sugar which is obtained from the sap of coconut flower buds of coconut palm. Farmers cut the coconut flowers and collect sap. Later the collected sap is heated to form sugar crystals. All this is a natural 2 step process involved in making Coconut Palm sugar. Due to the heating process and further caramelisation the color changes to brown.

2.Benefits of Coconut Sugar

  1. Rich in iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals.
  2. Immunity Booster
  3. Easily digestible and good for the gut
  4. Boosts energy
  5. Good for diabetes

3. How is it better than regular white sugar?

  1. Low Glycemic Index
  2. Low in fructose
  3. No empty calories
  4. More nutrients than regular sugar

4. When can I give Coconut Sugar to my baby?

When a baby completes 6 months and its time to introduce solids parents always think about flavoring baby food. And the prominent usage of salt and sugar begins then, which must be totally avoided till an year. Once the baby completes a year we can slowly introduce sugar in their diet and a healthy alternative to white sugar, Coconut Sugar would be the best.

5. How and what recipes can I use Coconut sugar for Babies & Kids?

Coconut Sugar can be a healthy replacement to all that you want to sweeten up. It leaves a nutty and caramelised flavor. As making of coconut sugar does not involve any processing nor any additives the taste of coconut sugar totally depends on the species of coconut used and where it is harvested.

Coconut sugar for babies & kids can be used in

6. Where to buy Coconut Sugar for Babies & Kids?

It is important to know the source of Coconut Sugar. Organic is anytime best as the coconut trees would be grown without any pesticides and hence yielding the healthy Coconut Sugar. On our store TOTS AND MOMS FOODS you can buy Organic Coconut Sugar sourced locally and organically grown. Buy Coconut Sugar online tots and moms foods for babies, kids, adults, kannada hindi

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Note : Coconut sugar is beneficial when compared with normal sugar but still advised to consume it in moderation, especially for babies.

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