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Finger Foods – more than just provide food nutrition. Yes it’s the right time to introduce finger food to babies, when they are learning to hold, touch, feel. Finger foods help baby to develop fine motor skills. Learn How to Bake Vegetables for Babies.

BAKED VEGETABLES - FINGER FOOD for Babies, Toddlers & Kids

This baked veggies recipe is an ideal finger foods, full of nutrition, easy to pick up and easily mashed between the gums. Try your variations of vegetables as per baby’s liking. This can be given to 8 months + babies. A diet conscious family can have this as their snack as well.

How to make BAKED VEGETABLES – FINGER FOOD for Babies, Toddlers & Kids

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BAKED VEGETABLES - FINGER FOOD for Babies, Toddlers & Kids

Baked vegetables best finger foods for your developing babies. Try this easy and quick baked veggies for your babies.

Author:Kavitha Prashanth
Recipe Type: Breakfast, evening snacks, snack box, finger food


  • Carrot - 1
  • Potato - 1
  • Capsicum - 1/2
  • Beetroot - 1
  • Olive oil - 1 tsp
  • Pepper - 10 Nos. crushed
  • Oregano - 1/2 tsp



  • Wash and chop the vegetables
  • Transfer all vegetables to a bowl, add Olive oil, crushed pepper and oregano(or mixed herbs)
  • Spread them on a lined Baking Tray
  • Bake it for 220 degree C for 15 mins
  • Baked veggies ready to serve

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BAKED VEGETABLES - FINGER FOOD for Babies, Toddlers & Kids finger foods for 8 months old

Benefits of Carrots for Babies

  • Good source of vitamin A
  • Good source of healthy fiber
  • Good for eyesight
  • Protects teeth and gums

Benefits of Beetroot for Babies

  • Good source of vitamins and minerals
  • Decreases risk of anemia
  • Improves digestion

Benefits of Potato for Babies

  • Promotes weight gain
  • Easy to digest

Benefits of Capsicum for Babies

  • High in vitamin C
  • Good for eyesight
  • Rich in Vitamin B and E



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