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I’m Kavitha Prashanth, a Mommie turned Entrepreneur who intends to give the best of what I’ve learned to the world.

A quick sneak-peak about me :

I’m now a happy mommy of a 4 1/2 year old and an Entrepreneur as well.

But how this all started?

A happy news that I was pregnant. But, I had high BP issue during my pregnancy and amidst the angst and curiosity, I delivered a pre-mature girl in December 2013. This tiny little girl was really tiny and weighed only 1.5 kilos at birth. We as a family, have put in lots of efforts to get her on track, reach each milestone and she’s now a healthy girl. As we had to be cautious in each and every step we took for Disha when it was time to start solids our new journey began. I started with Ragi Sari which was homemade and later started researching about all store-bought foods that came labeled with Preservatives and Additives. Were they of any good? Not really.

I started making homemade porridge mixes, instant mixes, fruit and vegetable purees, soups, pancakes, cookies, jams, homemade bath powders and what not.. I’ve extensively used Home Remedies for her as well. It wasn’t an easy task but I did it for her.

Home Food for Tots, an Organic Baby Food Store evolved with the intent to support other Mommies who weren’t able to provide Home-made Baby Food, but still want the best for their little ones, just like me. We are a four year old company and now called TOTS AND MOMS.

With me starting to sell Organic Foods many overwhelmed moms who connected with me personally started enquiring about what I cooked for Disha on a daily basis. I kept sharing recipes on Watsapp and now this blog is an extension to connect and serve you all better.

I’ll be glad if this blog has helped you anytime on your parenting journey. Do write back to kavitha@totsandmoms.com for any queries.

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Kavitha Prashanth