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By now the babies are ready for a lot more variety than last month. They are very unpredictable in behavior and also their eating habits. They become choosier, some may like fruits and some vegetables. Now the mom’s job is to cater their interest and also make sure that all other foods also go into their little tummies to provide all the nutrition required for their growth. Here we present 9 MONTHS INDIAN BABY FOOD CHART with Recipe Videos for you to be able to cater those needs with ease.

9 Months Baby Food Chart and Meal Plan

If you have a fussy eater, find out his interest, include other varieties in it and prepare food accordingly. Try, Try, Try… as I-M-POSSIBLE.

No doubt that breast milk is the best milk and should be the main food for the baby till he is one year.

Quantity of Food to be given to 9 months old

The quantity depends on the liking and baby’s hunger of the baby. Approximate amount is 1/2 cup. Do not force feed the baby. You can offer 2 meal & 2 snack for 9 months baby, along with the breast feed and / or formula milk. You may decide the timings for meal & snack as per your convenience.

Things you should keep in mind

  • Thick consistency food
  • Introduce different taste, flavor & texture food
  • Always given freshly prepared food
  • Do not forcefully feed your child
  • Gradually increase the portion
  • Sterilise the bowls, spoons, vessels used to feed the baby in hot water
  • No salt, sugar or honey for baby until 1 year
  • Always feed breast milk / formula milk on demand of the baby
  • Steaming is healthier than pressure cooking.

9 Months Baby Food Chart and Meal Plan

What foods can be given to 9 months old?

  • Breast Milk – Continue breast milk or formula milk
  • Fruits – Apple, Banana, Mango, Sapota / Chiku, Pears, Plums, Pumpkin, dates, figs, grapes
  • Vegetables – Boiled & mashed vegetables like potato, carrots, sweet potato, green peas, cauliflour, beans, leafy vegetable
  • Cereals & Pulses – Cereals and pulses such as rice, barley, ragi, sooji / semolina, broken wheat/ daliya, chick peas, green gram/ moong, urad dal and oats
  • Combinations – Experiment different combinations or mixtures of food. Like fruit & cereal, Vegetables & pulses or lentils etc
  • Dairy – Curd / yogurt, paneer/ cottage cheese, tofu
  • Spices: Turmeric, garlic, ginger, asafoetida, cumin seeds, pepper, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, caroms, fenugreek, mustard seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom  (all can be added in little amount say a pinch)

Video: 9 MONTHS INDIAN BABY FOOD CHART with Recipe Videos

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Video in Kannada – 9 & 10 ತಿಂಗಳು ಮಗುವಿನ ಆಹಾರ ವಿಧಾನ

Video in Hindi – 9 & 10 महीने के बच्चो का आहार विधान


Below is the sample Weekly Baby Food Chart / Meal Plan With recipes (please refer hyperlinks to get the recipes) for 9 Months you can refer.


MondayOats PorridgeKerala Banana PorridgePotato Soup
Savory Oats Pancake
TuesdayRice KhichadiFoxtail Millet Veg Fried RiceAny Cut Fruit Rice & Vegetable Mash
WednesdaySathu Mavu Aloo CutletsDates & Raisins Poha KheerCarrot Tomato SoupMakhana Sooji Kheer
ThursdayWheat CerealSpinach Oats Dosa & PancakePear PureeDaliya Upma
FridayStewed AppleDaliya Khichdi With MoongdalBeetroot SoupVegetable Pulao
SaturdayMultigrain Sathu Mavu PorridgeRagi RottiApple PureeDaliya Khichdi with Moongdal
SundaySweet Potato Puree
Instant Makhana PorridgeRice Ganji/KanjiSteamed Idli


MondayWheat Daliya Sugarless Sabudana KheerPumpkin PureePlain Sevai
TuesdaySprouted Ragi MilkOats Mooli ParathaVegetable Dal SoupSprouted Health Multigrain Mix
WednesdayBajra Rice KhichadiInstant Ragi Dosa With Banana And JaggeryCarrot Coins Finger FoodsBarnyard Millet Idli
ThursdayOats PorridgeSeviya UpmaInstant Poha Fruit PorridgeDaliya Khichdi with Moongdal
FridayMultigrain Sathu Mavu PorridgeMakhana Sooji KheerPotato SoupInstant Wheat Rava Dosa
SaturdayRagi Oatmeal PorridgeFoxtail Millet DosaVegetable Dal SoupChapati soaked in Dal
SundayPumpkin KheerBarley Moong KhichdiCarrot Tomato SoupRice with Pepper Rasam


MondayMashed BananaBarnyard Millet DosaSpinach Soup
Foxtail Millet Khichdi
TuesdayRice CerealGreen Gram DosaApple Rice Baby FoodSpinach Paneer Rice
WednesdaySooji KheerOats PancakePumpkin Soup
Rice with Pepper Rasam
ThursdayRice Flour UpmaCurds Oats KhichdiVegetable MashRagi Idli
FridayKerala Banana PorridgeInstant Wheat Rava DosaRice & Dal Kanji
Whole Wheat Dosa
SaturdayMashed BananaFoxtail Millet KhichdiCarrot & Dal Mash
Vegetable Khichdi
SundaySooji KheerSprouted Moong ParathaCauliflower & Corn Thin SoupAny Egg Yolk Recipe


MondayBarley Apple PorridgeSpinach Paneer RicePumpkin PureeInstant Ragi Dosa
TuesdayRagi Kheer
Kerala Banana HalwaSpinach Puree / SoupSweet Potato Fingers
WednesdayKerala Banana PorridgeApple & Little Millet Rice / Kheer Baked VeggiesTomati Rice
ThursdaySooji Halwa/ KheerAny Egg Yolk RecipePapaya PureeBarley Moong Khichdi
FridaySprouted Health Multigrain MixRagi Apple PancakeBeetroot Puree / SoupApple & Little Millet Porridge
SaturdayInstant Poha Fruit PorridgeFoxtail Millet KhichdiLentil And Carrot SoupPaneer Paratha
SundayBarley PorridgeSabudana Veg KhichdiVegetable SoupSathu Mavu Aloo Cutlets

Add Dry Fruits Powder or Nuts Powder to any recipe to make it more nutritious.

Note :

  • These are ideas of Foods which can be given to 9 months baby.
  • You may include 6 Months Baby Food Chart, 7 Months Baby Food Chart , 8 Months Baby Food Chart recipes also.
  • You can introduce or repeat any food as per your choice and baby’s liking.
  • 3 days rule doesn’t hold good anymore and hence new food every day is followed in the meal plan for 6 months baby as well.
  • It is good to introduce varieties of Flavors and Foods to baby before an year to avoid any allergic issues in future.

Most importantly babies need different taste and texture daily, just like us so do not bore them with repetitions and make them hate food.

9 Months Baby Food Chart and Meal Plan

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