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If your query is “Can I massage my Baby?” or “Is it safe to massage my Baby?” or “When can I start Massaging my Baby?” or “Which oil is best to massage my Baby?” or “How to Massage my Baby?” please read on. I’ve tried to keep it simple and clear and most importantly to the point in this article 5 Amazing Tips for Baby Massage.

5 Amazing Tips for Baby Massage, Benefits, How to, Can I, Best Oil

What are the Benefits of Baby Massage? What are the reasons to Massage a Baby? What are Infant Massage Benefits?

  • To help the newborn’s skin cope with the environment : Baby’s skin barrier is underdeveloped at birth and takes minimum 15 days to become watertight. Massaging helps the newborn’s skin to cope with the external environment and makes them feel nurtured and protected.
  • To soothe the Baby : When you give your baby a massage, it stimulates her central nervous system and lowers the level of stress hormones called cortisol.
  • To enhance bodily growth : Baby massage offers a whole host of benefits like improving blood circulation, weight gain and stimulating growth and development.
  • To create a bond between the mother and the child : After spending nine long months in the womb, a baby feels safe when she is with the mother. Skin to skin contact can help to create a bond between the baby and the mother.

5 Amazing Tips for Baby Massage

To massage a baby is a passion. It takes a lot of patience and care to give the young one a massage. For stronger bones, healthy muscle and to enhance bodily growth baby massage plays a vital role. These Tips for Baby Massage are handy tips to start the massage journey.

1.Which is the best Oil to massage my Baby? How to choose the Oil for Baby Massage?

Can I massage my baby, benefits, tips, how to

Giving oil massage to the baby is important but what is more important is choosing the right massage oil. Choose massage oil as per your baby’s skin and sensitivity. Some oils are easily absorbed by the baby’s skin while some take time to absorb.

Some of the most popular oils for baby massage are as mentioned below :

Virgin coconut Oil

Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil

Olive Oil

Almond /Badam Oil

2. How to massage my Baby? How to do baby massage at home?

Can I massage my baby, benefits, tips, how to

Lay your baby down on a towel or on your lap and gently massage her using long and gentle strokes with your fingers. Massage baby’s head and then move downwards to other parts of the body. Massage baby’s arms by stroking the shoulders towards the wrists and then massage the tummy in a circular motion and massage from the ankle up to the thigh and over the hip.

3. What is the Best time to Massage my Baby?

Can I massage my baby, benefits, tips, how to

Keep a common time everyday. First try to pick a time which is between feeds of your baby so that neither the baby is too full nor hungry. Babies love routine, so if you do things at the same time everyday they will feel more secure and happy.

4. How to choose the place to massage my Baby?

Can I massage my baby, benefits, tips, how to

An essential thing when massaging your baby is to find a quiet and comfortable place to do it. Position your baby in such a way so that she can see your face clearly. Make sure the place is warm and lighting is not too bright. Massage the baby when she is quiet and well rested and you are relaxed too.

5. Can massage help Calming a Cranky Baby?

Can I massage my baby, benefits, tips, how to

Massage can soothe your baby and reduce his crying. Massaging raises oxytocin hormone in both you and your baby, which helps your baby feel calm and relaxed.

Myths about baby massage

Parents receive loads of tips and information from different sources. Sometimes it comes from reliable sources but many a time it can be wrong too. It is very important to know what the myth is and what is the truth.

Myth 1: Oil massages are not important

Truth:  False, oil massage for baby is very important as it not only relaxes their body but also improves blood circulation, strengthens bones and improves the motion of joints.

Myth 2: The reason behind the baby massage is to straighten their bones

Truth:  False, massaging doesn’t straighten bones but it helps strengthen bones and also builds muscles.

Myth 3: Oil massage by “malishwalis” are effective

Truth:  It is true that they have experience of massaging, but massage by inexperienced ones can harm and cause injury to the baby, especially if the massage is done with a lot of pressure.

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