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When the baby is born the most generic question goes like, “What’s the baby weight? “. Well that’s the importance of the weight for babies health from day one. The weight gain in babies and health are inter-related and always reciprocating, but note that lean babies do not mean to be weak. Active babies reaching all their milestones on time are much healthy. 

Once the little baby reaches or nears 6 month the mother would have done a whole lot of research on what, how, when are the questions on the food that is supposed to be given to the baby. We are here with 21 such most important foods for weight gaining in babies and toddlers. Well the list is endless but to short list these are in the top 20 not to part off with. Lets know more on 21 Best Foods for Healthy Weight Gain in Babies & Toddlers.

21 Best Foods for Healthy Weight Gain in Babies

weight gaining foods for babies in india

1. Breast Milk 

Breast Milk for weight gain

Breast Milk is the top most weight gaining foods for the new born baby. A mother must ensure breastfeeding the baby every 2 hours and also ensure that your baby is taking long and sufficient feeds. Its important for a mother to have nutritious foods and take supplements if suggested by your doctor. Check this article to know how to increase breastmilk naturally.

2. Potato


Potatoes for weight gaining in babies

Rich in carbohydrates Potatoes are a good source of Vitamin C and B6, Phosphorus. Potatoes are great weaning foods due to the soft consistency, less allergic and everybody’s favorite weight gaining food. It’s not difficult for babies to digest this but its always good to start in lesser quantity. A tip, introduce any new food in the morning so that it’s easy to monitor allergies if any.

Food Form : Purees, Khichdi, with Rice, Potato Mash, Rice and Potato balls, Pancake and Soups. Click here to see Recipes with Potato for Babies

3. Sweet Potato


Sweet potato for the best healthy weight gain

Sweet Potato is extremely tasty and healthy, easy to cook and mash it’s an excellent first food for the baby. Sweet Potatoes are rich in Vitamin A, Calcium and Folate. Best time to serve is for breakfast or lunch. 

Food Form : Purees, Khichdi, Pancake and Soups. Click and check here for Recipes with Sweet Potato for Babies 

4. Banana


Banana for baby weight gain

Power packed with dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C and very good source of Vitamin B6, and is a energy dense nutritious food. Helping in digestion and easily digestible Bananas are a whooping 100 + calories contributor just in a single piece. A great finger food and a immunity booster providing instant energy to babies and kids. 

Food Forms: Pancakes, mixed porridge, purees, smoothies, cakes, shakes, desserts and pudding  Click here for Recipes with Banana for Babies. 

5. Ghee 

Ghee for strong bones and weight gain

When it comes to good health and the right way of nutrition in babies, Ghee is one of the best healthy options one can have. Ghee for babies is equally important like any other food. Though the right amount of Ghee or clarified butter is very much required in the daily diet, it’s always good to start with the babies. Homemade ghee free of adulteration is best to start with for increasing immunity as well.

Food form: Add it to porridges, hot rice, Sathumavu, breakfast menu like khichdis and dosas, idly and few desserts

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6. Ragi

Ragi as weight gaining and calcium rich food for babies

Ragi, Nachni or Finger Millet in short it’s the bone building Calcium rich, Iron rich fiber rich food for the baby. A perfect first food for baby to toddler to kids and to include the adults as well. Easily digestible and a great immunity booster this is a must to include for the babies diet for a healthy weight gain

Food Form : Ragi cereal or porridge, Ragi milk, Ragi dosa, Ragi idlis, Ragi roti, Ragi ladoos, Ragi cake and cookies, Sathumavu, Ragi health drink for milk, Ragi lassi the list is endless. Click for Ragi Recipes for Babies 

7. Coconut Oil


Coconut oil for weight gaining in babies

Good source of weight gain and easily digestible, can be used while cooking baby food. Good for internal and external use, available specifically for both purposes. Ensure to buy pure and organic coconut oil for babies, check here.

Food form: Use few drops of it for cooking any baby food.

8. Fruits


Fruits for baby weight gain

Ideal for healthy weight gain and nourishment for the baby. Power packed with nutrients and mineral it’s a highly important part to consume and feed at least one fruit for the baby. The fibre content in fruits helps keep the babies gut health too.

Food form: Raw slice and eat directly, fruits salad, fruits smoothies, fruit shakes, purees and list is endless for fruits. Click here for recipes using Fruits

9. Yogurt


Yogurt for baby weight gaining food list

Most of all diary products can be given to babies below an year. Curd or yogurt for babies can be introduced as early as 6 months. Providing a good nutrition, Calcium, Vitamin and with great weight gain properties. Yogurt is easily digestible due to the bacteria present in it. Avoid market available Yogurt especially flavored due to high sugar presence.

Food form: Curd rice, smoothies, buttermilk, fruit-flavored Yogurt, lassi with Palm sugar or Organic Jaggery powder. Click here for recipes using yogurt for babies. 

10. Egg

Eggs are best weight gaining foods

High in Protein, saturated fats, Vitamins and minerals Egg is perfect for baby growth and development. Regulates nervous system and Brain. Consulting doctor for introducing Egg before 1 year is advisable. Starting with yolk at 10 months + is safe, if introducing before 1 year.

Food form: Boiled Egg, Scrambled Egg, Egg omlette, Egg rice or french toast, Egg dosa, desserts, pudding and cakes. Click here for Recipes with Eggs for babies

11. Avocado


Avacado or butter fruit for healthy weight gain

Healthy fat and rich in calories and dietary fibers, Avacado is rich in minerals and Vitamins. This is a great nutrition source for weight gain in babies. You can introduce eggs as early as 6 months for babies.

Food form: mash, puree, milk shakes, smoothies, flavored yogurt, sliced and cubed we can consume as it is, desserts, purees and dips.

12. Oats

Oats is the only cereal which contains legume like protein and assists gain muscle and body mass in babies and kids. Oats can be included in babies diet from 6 months due to high fiber content in it which makes it easily digestible. 

Food form: Porridge, Pancake, Cookies, Khichdi. Click here to find recipes with Oats for Babies

You can also purchase Banana Oats Cereal from your Organic Baby food store. 

13. Pulses


Pulses for weight gaining in toddlers and babies

Pulses help in healthy weight gain in babies and kids due to the high calories present in them. Rich in Proteins, Calcium, fibre and iron it’s heavily nutritious and easily digestible. The essential fatty acids present in them initiates brain development. Ideal to be given at breakfast or lunch time.

Food form: Dal khichdi, dal soup, dal halwa, south Indian dishes like idly, dosa and sambar, dal rice and sambar. Click here for easy recipes with Pulses for babies.

14. Butter


Unsalted butter for baby weight gain

Butter being the richest source of fat helps in brain development and baby’s physical development. It is packed with healthy calories and loaded with Vitamins too. Ensure that you buy only plain butter or unsalted butter for babies. 

Food form: Can be added to Khichdi, soups, porridges, sandwiches, garnished on chapathis and parathas it’s the best ways to introduce butter.

15. Full Fat Milk

Milk for baby healthy weight gain

For toddlers you can give a glass of milk daily and ensure that you give full fat milk without adding any water or removing cream. The growing kids need the healthy fat present in milk and hence this is important. Note that for babies less than 1 year its only mother’s milk or formula is suggested, however you can include other dairy products as mentioned earlier.  

Food form: Shakes, fruit shakes, custard, desserts, payasam.

16. Cheese


Cheese for baby gaining weight

Milk products rich in Proteins and Calcium, Vitamins D, C making it a good source for weight gain. Cubes or slices its a good finger food and with a good texture making it smooth and tempting for the kids to resist, it’s definitely benefiting for the growth and weight gain in babies.

Food form: Slices or cubes right from the packet we can give as a finger food, sandwiches, and fruit salads. Click here to check Cheese recipes for babies.

17. Dry fruits, Nuts and Seeds

Dry fruits for weight gain in babies

Almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, raisins, pista, dried apricots, and seeds like sesame seeds, pumpkins seeds, flax seeds and melon seeds are power packed with healthy essential fat helping in gain weight. These are great immunity booster and good for brain development too. Dry fruits can be made to Dry Fruits Powder and stored and one can add them in various desserts, fruits, purees and milk mixes that can be given to the babies and kids. This is a definite food for weight gain in babies and kids.

Food form: Add it to porridges, Health mixes, Sathumavu, Cereals, desserts, milkshakes, payasam, dry fruits laddoo, in milk, and seeds to breads, salads, and snacks. Click here for more recipes with Dry Fruits and Nuts. 

18. Kerala Banana

Kerala banana for healthy weight gain


Kerala Banana porridge prepared from natural Kerala Banana Powder or Kannan Kaya powder from the land of ayurveda is ideal food for weight gain in babies. Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses are its easily digestible early food, doesn’t cause cough or cold, acts as a treatment of indigestion due to its high content of dietary fiber.  In short Kerala Banana is a power packed nutritious food for the babies and toddlers.

Food Form : Porridge, Halwa, Milkshake, Dessert. Click here to see Recipes using Kerala Banana for Babies.

Buy Kerala Banana Powder online from our Organic Baby Food Store. 

19. Chickpeas

Chick peas for weight gain in babies and toddlers

Chickpeas or Kabuli Chana or Garbanzo beans are incredibly nutritious for the baby, toddler, kids, well for adults too. Chickpeas are packed with protein, making them a highly desirable part of a vegetarian diet. Rich source of fiber, iron, folate, manganese, zinc.
The fibre in chickpeas is insoluble, it’s actually important for healthy colon function and helps prevent against colon cancer in later life. Protein content available is very essential for their muscle development in the body, good for bone growth, mainly acts as a laxative, helps in Brain Development and for good eye sight. It can be easily included in Indian Recipes and many recipes of other country’s origin very easily for weight gain in babies and kids.

Food Form : Purees, snacks, patties, health mix, boil and consume, with rice and sambar. Click here to see recipes with Chickpea for Babies

20. Sathumavu

Sathumavu for weight gain


Sathumavu, Mixed Millets Flour, Sirudhaniyam Sathumavu, Healthy mix powder, Millets energy powder, Millets drink, Ragi health mix, Multi Millets powder or traditionally Ragi seri is the one and only incredible Health mix recipe with combinations of perfect proportions of  Millets, Cereals, Pulses and Dry Fruits to make one energy mix powder or Sathu maavu as it’s traditionally known as. The best nutritious First Food given to babies from 6+ months of age. The health drink or porridge prepared from Sathumavu Health mix is an excellent weight gaining and early food the babies and toddlers. Many parts of India the whole family wishes to savor this as a health drink. 

Food Form : Porridge, health drink, dosas, idly, snacks, bake foods, pakodas, patties, crackers, cookies etc. Click here to see Recipes with Sathumavu for Babies

You can buy Organic Sattu Mavu, Sprouted Health Mix or Millet Health Mix from our Organic Baby Food Store TOTS AND MOMS FOODS

Jaggery for baby weight gain

Jaggery is a natural sweetener and a perfect weight gaining food for the babies. Its a great immunity booster in babies and toddlers and kids and helps in fighting cough. Aids digestion and prevents constipation. Rich in Iron, minerals and anti-oxidants its a good blood purifier and delivers instant energy. Organic Jaggery is the beat to opt and give the toddlers for better natural health. Read here to know when and how much jaggery to use for babies. 

Food Form : It can be added to Desserts, purees, savories, milk, purees, south and north Indian foods, health mixes, juices, sweets etc. Buy Organic Jaggery here

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