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Motherhood quote

Motherhood, such an enlightening phase. Enlightening? As it awakens the hidden multitasking spirit and energy in all women. It doesn’t take long for us to understand how to cope up with the pressure of handling a new born and a family at the same time as it strengthens us both emotionally and physically.

With all the goodness of love and joy with the new born in the family, you would agree that this is tiring with every passing day and you would yearn for a Break now. A break which is both exiting and scary at the moment. A Break, which brings in lots of anxiety, like…

Moms Take a Break being guilt free

  1. How will the baby be without me? Babies and kids are very adaptable. Read on to know how best can you make out of the break
  2. How do I plan the baby’s needs? Plan and express sufficient Breastmilk for the days you will be away if the baby is on bm. Cook and freeze, or bake few food according to your toddlers liking.
  3. Who will take care of the baby? If you are lucky to have your in laws or parents to take care of your little one then there is no way you must hesitate to take a break. Leave the baby with them for an hour or two and go on a stroll or shopping to let the baby adapt to them slowly and completely. Husband can make it the best, as they both need some time with each other, we had enough of it isn’t it?
  4. What will the people say? By now you must have already been used to many such questions. Why is your baby so thin? Why isn’t she walking yet? Why are you still breastfeeding? Right? Take it your way when you answer and stop bothering we have heard enough and trust me Mommy knows the best. Cheers!
  5. What is the right time to take a break? This is something you will have to decide on your own as every baby and mom are different. I left mine only when she was 24 months old, going to playschool for half a day and baby-sitted by my mom the other half day. Yes, lucky me.
  6. Only SAHM Mommies need a break? Not true. A mothers job is never less or more be it a SAHM-stay at home mother, WAHM- work at home mother or WOHM-work outside home mother. Go on, decide for yourself.
  7. Guilty of being away? Oh mommy, being on your own for a day, two or even a week doesn’t make you less of a mother. Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can.
  8. What if my baby feels sick by missing me? My little one was running temperature two days before my planned 3 day break and it was just kept cancelled. We visited her pediatrician who just laughed it out and said “It’s really funny to even think so, go on and enjoy” yes, she motivated me.
  9. Anxious on your trip? Please don’t spoil your trip or the well waited break by just being worried on the trip. Your baby is just a call away to her guardian who also can take the responsibility for a while you are away.
  10. What to expect out of the Break? A replenished you and nothing more. Plan it a way where you just have to relax and be at peace without juggling between the stations.

Take a Break Mommy

In my case, my baby had a vacation here with her busy dad when I was out on my most awaited break. And when I was back home, I was happier with the days coming as it was both Amma and Appa being called for her needs now on. Dad knows the baby more now and vice-versa. So who knows what’s awaiting you Post-Trip, so chalo let’s GET SET GO!! Wo-hooo!!!!!!


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